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The primary SteamWorld Dig was once maximum notable for its distinctive mix of mining mechanics and Metroid-style exploration, but it surely ended proper as it all started to come back into its personal. Its sequel is two times as lengthy and places that added runtime to excellent use, as each the tale and mechanics are given room to flourish. The end result is a great and sundry evolution of the primary sport that now not simplest expands upon its hybrid components, however gifts it in its highest mild.

SteamWorld Dig 2 takes position in a post-apocalyptic steampunk international the place Earth has develop into a barren region wilderness; its closing population are small populations of steam-driven robots and irradiated people. You regulate a steambot named Dorothy on the lookout for her lacking pal, Rusty–the protagonist of the primary sport. When Dorothy hears that he has been sighted coming into the mines of an outdated buying and selling the city, El Machino, she embarks on a adventure to seek out him.

The tale is extra targeted than its predecessor. Occasions spread at a brisk tempo, every now and then hitting you with sudden twists and tonal shifts that stay the journey compelling all over. Additionally impactful is the way in which the tale contributes to the overarching SteamWorld universe as an entire (it serves as a bridge between Dig 1 and SteamWorld Heist). Via its conclusion, previous narrative threads that had been as soon as disparate and unclear are in the end expounded upon, raising your attachment to the characters and the sector.

Even supposing you don’t seem to be invested within the sequence’ lore, Dig 2 will give you greater than sufficient to latch onto with its eclectic solid. Dorothy makes for a likable lead and the characters who encompass her are funny and well-written. Specifically, Dorothy’s Navi-like sidekick, FEN, is without doubt one of the sport’s standout personalities. His sassy, oftentimes snarky, remarks are a laugh, however as you move, he grows into a much more honest and endearing best friend whose presence is irreplaceable.

Additionally value noting is the presentation; each visuals and track are captivating and classy. From the moodily lit underground caverns you discover to the ethereal and upbeat hip-hop impressed tracks that permeate the more than a few locales, there is an endearing setting that repeatedly pulls you in.

Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, but unlike the original, it gives you more time to be creative, and rewards your cravings to diligently explore and discover new secrets.
Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, however not like the unique, it will give you extra time to be ingenious, and rewards your cravings to diligently discover and uncover new secrets and techniques.
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Like the primary sport, you spend time exploring more than a few underground mines. Along with your trusty pickaxe, you ruin via blocks of dust to show passageways, whilst alongside the way in which obtaining valuable gem stones and minerals. You additionally download gear and power-u.s.that permit you to burrow even deeper. As soon as your wallet are full of treasure, you go back to the city to promote your fabrics and improve your gear, and then you definately go back to the mine anew.

Whilst the digging procedure turns out repetitive in nature, it by no means turns into tedious. Exploration seems like longform puzzle fixing. You might be at all times strategizing find out how to profit from a mine’s terrain and the enemies inside to transparent tunnels and obtain extra treasure. And with the extra various gear you’ve got get entry to to this time round, the strategies you use develop an increasing number of complicated.

One second you are the usage of your drive bomb launcher to create a pathway that you’ll be able to’t succeed in along with your pickaxe, the following you are the usage of your grappling hook to strategically detonate a TNT barrel to kill a gaggle of enemies. Those cases are when the sport is at its maximum satisfying, as you’ve got quite a lot of flexibility in opting for find out how to method a given house. Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, however not like the unique, it will give you extra time to be ingenious, and rewards your cravings to diligently discover and uncover new secrets and techniques.

Caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your reflexes and intellect.
Caves supply pleasing alternatives to workout your reflexes and mind.
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New to Dig 2 is the addition of collectables known as Cogs, which you’ll be able to use to reinforce your gear with mods. Those upgrades are various and distinctive, each and every bettering your skills in several techniques. As an example, you’ll be able to equip a mod that will increase your possibilities of getting two valuable fabrics from one useful resource block, or you may equip person who every now and then prevents immediate demise from falling rocks. As to procure extra Cogs, your skill to tailor mods to higher fit your playstyle grows, which turns into precious when dealing with tricky hindrances in later spaces. And with the various terrain and hazards you come upon, you at all times really feel an initiative to experiment to higher your mining potency and possibilities of survival.

When you find yourself now not spending time digging, you are exploring caves, which can be particular rooms scattered around the map containing both platforming demanding situations or puzzles to resolve. Those transient, well-crafted trials check your mastery of the sport’s base mechanics: a spike-covered room calls for fast execution of your mobility choices; a block-stacking puzzle demanding situations your wisdom of the drive launcher’s barriers; and a room with collapsing boulders has you timing your sprints in several spurts to keep away from being beaten. On most sensible of rewarding you with much-needed Cogs, caves supply pleasing alternatives to workout your reflexes and mind. You continuously stay up for finding them, as their distinct demanding situations also are entertaining proving grounds to check your upgrades.

Along the mechanical enhancements, it is helping that there is a better selection in degree and purpose design. From an historic temple surrounded by way of lava to an airy jungle, each and every location you discover is going past the usual underground mine you may be expecting. No longer simplest are ranges thematically other, they are additionally structured in distinct techniques from each and every different. At one level, you are tasked to dig horizontally as a substitute of vertically, simplest to be resulted in a space that has you finishing a gauntlet of caves with the intention to open a gate with more than one locks. Those adjustments in design body the mechanics in fascinating techniques, difficult you to do extra than simply strategically carve out tunnels. Dig 2 meticulously makes use of its property to nice impact, regularly converting up the tempo from starting to finish.

Each and every development Dig 2 makes to its tale and mechanics strengthens your initiative to development. There is an awesome sense of momentum that runs during the journey; as though developer Symbol & Shape sifted the unique in a pan, casting off its redundancies whilst increasing upon what made it so amusing to consistently play. For your quest to procure each improve and discover each corner and cranny, there is no scarcity of hidden collectables to find. And with post-game content material that unlocks after you unearth each secret, the will to stay digging intensifies. Dig 2 manages not to simplest be a phenomenal successor, however a super journey in its personal proper. The place the primary sport was once a diamond within the tough, Dig 2 is a elegant jewel.

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