AI Bots Take Down Some of Dota 2’s Best Players

If you believe in the idea of the singularity, the news of a Dota 2 bot team that handily took down some of the MOBA’s stronger players might put you into a state of worry. That’s not our intention, though, and there are some things that to bear in mind in case you’re concerned.

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The bot team in question was put through their paces during the OpenAI Five Benchmark, which put a team of specially designed Dota 2 playing AI bots against 99.95th-percentile former champs of the MOBA, including William ‘Blitz’ Lee and Ben ‘Merlini’ Wu. The purpose of the event, according to OpenAI’s blog, was to see if their bot team could be tuned to square off against competitors at The International 2018 by the end of August.

The battle went down this past Sunday, August 5th and saw the OpenAI Five win 3-2 against the human team.

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of caveats before you start welcoming your AI overlords. The build of Dota 2 being played only had 18 of the 115 heroes in the MOBA’s roster, and the third match was lost once the OpenAI devs agreed to let the broadcast’s chat room determine the bot team’s hero picks. Further analysis from the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun and AI researcher Mike Cook seems to suggest that the bot team were unable to adapt to situations outside of those they had previously practiced.

If you’re curious to see how the OpenAI Five performed, you can check out the VOD here.

Our Thoughts

Winning over former pros is certainly nothing to slouch at when it comes to bot AI in a game like a MOBA, but we suspect that ti’s going to take a lot more practicing, coding and tweaking before this team is ready to take on pros of The International’s caliber. That said, we’ve only just started the month of August, so perhaps there is time yet to see this bot team improve.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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AI Bots Take Down Some of Dota 2’s Best Players

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